Sensation is an international performance created by Master DJ Vic. It powerfully combines original and exciting adaptations for dance and electronic-house hits alongside a symphonic orchestra and a live back-up band.

During 2010 we’ve created 3 unique versions of the Sensation concept.
Sensation Oriental, Sensation Classic, and Sensation Dance, each show has its own unique characteristics and all that is left for you to do is choose the Sensation band most suitable for you!

The fusion of different elements in texture and orchestration creates a rare musical experience and brings each party or event to new heights.
The full Sensation performance includes 15 people on stage: 10 classical musicians, a percussionist, a rock guitarist, a singer, and a conductor / sax player.

A special internet presentation can be found on:

Sensation’s Video Gallery
Sensation’s Image Gallery
sensation live

sensation בהופעה לאירועים

סנסיישן בהופעה לאירועים

סנסיישן בהופעה

Sensation ON STAGE

סנסיישן ON STAGE

Sensation על הבמה

סנסיישן על הבמה