BOOM PAM MIXES IT ALL! In 2004 they recorded with the rock and roll Israeli legend – Barry Sakharov “Boom Pam” of Aris San, a huge hit to date, and the rest is history.Boom Pam – Uri candles (guitars and vocals), Yuval “Toby” Zolotov (tuba) and Itamar “the child” Levi (drums), were pioneers in the integration of the Balkan sound with influences from rock ‘n’ roll. No one can remain indifferent to them! Their debut album was released in 2006 on the label of the Balkan producer and Dj Chantelle. Since then, the band has released three studio albums, that each brought a new twist and fresh sounds to the band and it’s fans.Boom Pam is one of the few Israeli bands that are touring Europe, South Africa and Japan on a regular base, and the band’s resume includes major festivals and concerts in five continents.


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